The Ark Church Halifax

We are a small but lively family church made up of people of different ages and backgrounds from across Halifax and beyond. We are passionate about Jesus and want to play our part in making Him known in the towns, villages and neighbourhoods we live in.

During the Covid situation we are all staying in touch with each other using our phones, Facebook, WhatsApp, ZOOM and any other way we can. We are grateful to have had the support of one another during this time and would love to have you join along with us.

Some quick links to help you find previous posts on our blog and in our archives.

For your prayers

The 4.16 team meets on a regular basis to pray together and to discuss and coordinate what we are doing and where we are going as a church. Please pray for them.
Currently the team is:
Matt and Sharon Cameron
Clare M.
Eric and Philippa Roy
Julie Skelton

The Trustees also meet regularly to discuss and maintain the financial and legal side of church administration. Please pray for them.
Currently the team is:
Matt Cameron
James Mitchell
Eric Roy
Sarah Louise (in process)
Jeremy Skelton (in process)