Sunday 9th August

When Jesus Prayed for Us

All 3 parts of this series are now available in our archives

For your prayers

The 4.16 team meets on a regular basis to pray together and to discuss and coordinate what we are doing and where we are going as a church. Their next meeting is on Monday 3rd August. Please pray for them.
Currently the team is:
Matt and Sharon Cameron
Clare Mulqueen
Eric and Philippa Roy
Julie Skelton


Did you sign up to be part of our new Online Lifegroups?
It is still not too late if you want to join us – please speak to Matt or Clare Mulqueen!

The Prayer Course

Our lifegroups are working through the prayer course. Information on the course will be posted each week on the Lifegroups Page of this website. All links and information are included so if you have missed a week and want to catch up checkout the same page.

Our Sunday Preaching Series: “Lessons in Lockdown”

You can catch up on all the messages in the series in our archives:

new series - lessons in lockdown pt 1 - David in the Field
Halifax countryside with the message "stay at home" hand written on a cardboard sign on a gate

NEW: Ark Church Halifax Calendar

We have now included a church calendar on the website.
You can also get to it from the link in the main menu.

Living Life the Jesus Way

You can still watch all 8 videos in this series.

The Ark Blog

Have you checked out our BLOG. There are lots of articles there by different people and we will be adding new posts regularly so keep checking back