The Big House Treasure Hunt

The Big House Scavenger Hunt was live on
Saturday – 28th November 2020!
Sorry you missed it!
Below is just a little glimpse of the fun we had on the day.
Enjoy looking back, and if you did miss this one watch out for other events in the future.
See you there!

Rules of the day:

There are just 3 simple rules for today –

Number 1: Have fun, laugh a lot, enjoy being with friends

Number 2: Do not do anything illegal or against social distancing rules in carrying out the challenges.

Number 3: Clare is our “Master of Fun” today and her decision in all matters is final!

Now to the FUN:

You can download the puzzle book here if you need extra sheets or you didn’t receive one.

Challenge 1:

Re-enact a Movie Scene.

FIRST: choose a well known movie scene and send us a link to your choice.
SECOND: record yourselves re-enacting the clip
THEN: send the recording to us before 12 NOON today.

The videos produced during this challenge were fantastic, and way beyond what we expected people to do in the time available. Thank you for all the effort everyone put into this challenge and WELL DONE to you all!

I was expecting to be sharing the videos on here for you all to enjoy, but regret that we are unable to do so. A number of the videos incorporated the soundtrack from the actual movie clips chosen and we do not have the required licences to show them. Sorry for the disappointment.

Challenge 2:

Challenge 3:

Be ready to show us the following in the Zoom session at 2pm:

  1. The SMALLEST and the BIGGEST thing you own
  2. The ugliest thing you can find
  3. The biggest assortment of vegetables
  4. the HARDEST thing you have
  5. Something that makes you laugh
  6. Something sentimental
    (be ready to say why)

Challenge 4:

Challenge 5:

FIRST: choose a nursery rhyme

THEN: re-write the words

That’s it! Simple – but you may want to practice your reciting of it ready for the next session at 4pm.


Well done to the Cameron Clan!