Nostalgia This is the third of these Christmas Carol blog posts, and I have become aware of how significant the emotional/nostalgic connection is when singing Carols. These are songs that can have quite an impact on us. Being aware of that nostalgia can take us in one of two directions. […]

Welcome: This Sunday is the final part of our series from 2 Timothy. You can find the previous messages in the series  in our archives. I give you this charge Worship:

“How was I going to keep reminding myself that I was on this journey when life was so busy with other things? ” Continue with Julie on her rediscovery of an English Christmas, and how to use it to draw closer to Jesus.

It says something about the goodness of God, and the power of the message of Christmas, that even with its bizarre history, we have this song which we can sing with faith and celebration.

I used to make a whole row of Christmas puddings (recipe included in this post).
Don’t forget though – while you are weighing and stirring, let it stir in your heart a longing for the true Christmas . . .

Whether you prefer a quick read, or sitting down with your bible and notebook to fully understand what is being said and where it is rooted in scripture – let this feed your soul and help in worship.