How do we reconcile lockdown situations with these promises of God? Lockdown brings with it positive things and negative, some good things and, at times, things we would rather not suffer.

We have now reached the ninth video on how to read the Bible, almost half way through the series – but there is plenty more good stuff to come! Today is the first in a group of three videos on reading Poetry.. After Narrative (stories), which we have already looked […]

Part of what we needed to do involved recording ourselves dancing, doing facial expressions and specific poses around the theme ‘Dancing in the Rain.’

These resources are for you to help your kids engage with online church.
We are including a variety of ideas but we suggest you look at the blue boxes that say “AIM” and consider which is the best way to help your child(ren) make progress.
Please feedback any encouragements or suggestions you have to help us improve these resources.

Her horrific injuries and suffering as she ran down the road naked were caught on camera by a war correspondent making her world famous. This is her story.

This week we are looking at “Design Patterns” – how there are common themes running through many Bible stories. Seeing these patterns helps us both to understand more about a particular story, and also to grasp more of the bigger picture, the Big Story of the Bible.

Another simple but impressive crafting project for you today. How would you like this to hang in a hall by your door – a great talking point when you can say “yes I painted it”. This canvas really is very easy to do – even if you have not done […]