Nostalgia This is the third of these Christmas Carol blog posts, and I have become aware of how significant the emotional/nostalgic connection is when singing Carols. These are songs that can have quite an impact on us. Being aware of that nostalgia can take us in one of two directions. […]

It says something about the goodness of God, and the power of the message of Christmas, that even with its bizarre history, we have this song which we can sing with faith and celebration.

Whether you prefer a quick read, or sitting down with your bible and notebook to fully understand what is being said and where it is rooted in scripture – let this feed your soul and help in worship.

“Right. Between. The eyes.”
Admonished by the words of a song – Matt shares with us the wonderful sense of peace we can have in Jesus.

Prepare yourself to make the most of the coming preaching series on 2 Timothy with these 2 simple suggestions from Matt.

“Hello friends” – we all have them. Today we explore these superficial kind of friendships and consider taking them further.

“Devoted” is all about Being Friends & Enjoying God together. An online program has been put together by Christ Central and we will be using this for our Sunday meeting this week.

God’s Lockdown – 11 When it comes to lock down, one place you certainly do not want to be is in a North Korean prison camp. Yet North Korean Christians have a very different outlook on discipleship. It is estimated that there are between 50-70,000 Christians in prison camps in North Korea. If you […]

What IS a Disciple of Jesus? What does it actually look like to follow him!? That’s where we started the series back in January 2018 and it’s a great question to keep coming back to

This second video in the series gives an overview of the whole story of the Bible. If we just read a few verses from different parts of the Bible without seeing the big picture, then it becomes much harder to make any sense of what we read, and this is […]