I love reading the psalms, they are heartfelt songs and prayers to God about the life of faith in good times, and more importantly, in bad times also. The psalmist is brutally honest with God.

An encouragement from Ian that maybe it is time to sing a new song that becomes our all consuming vision for our lives today and in the years to come.

What is God’s mission for us in lockdown? Lessons from Pastor George in Syria.

What would we do if the government not only shut down our church but sent the local council in to bulldoze it down too?
Lock down for us looks a bit like that. When will we meet together again as we don’t have our own building?

Ian shares with us today how Dalia’s ministry is seeing change for the women in Iraq.

We are called for such a time as this to stand with Shagufta and Shafquat, to fast and pray for their hearing on Thursday 24th September.

Seven years ago, Susan at the age of 13, made a life changing decision to follow Jesus. Her story was made public and Christians worldwide prayed for her.

What started out as a normal day turned into a day of loss, this loss was then intensified by lockdown brought about by the coronavirus.

A look at William Tyndale’s story. Watch and be inspired to read your Bible – it cost a lot for those who fought for it.

Events on 6th August – 2 days after the Explosion in Beirut – songs of faith rang out and prayers were said under a night sky overlooking the shattered city. Survivors gave testimony, pastors offered counsel and worship leaders lifted viewers’ hearts to God in a unique evening episode of SAT-7’s From Heart to Heart show.