How do we reconcile lockdown situations with these promises of God? Lockdown brings with it positive things and negative, some good things and, at times, things we would rather not suffer.

Her horrific injuries and suffering as she ran down the road naked were caught on camera by a war correspondent making her world famous. This is her story.

Deciding to follow Jesus makes you an enemy of the state, as such you are seen to be unpatriotic to the Communist cause. This video clip is not of the best quality visually, but the challenge spiritually is immense.

The Evin prison in Iran is a place of desperation and hopelessness, but in the end Maryam and Marziyeh viewed their situation very differently.

Church growth in Iran is the highest in the world but, according to an Iranian human right lawyer, a new law is effectively criminalising every practice which the Islamic authorities dislike.

map of china

Every 3 seconds a person makes Jesus their Lord and Saviour in China. However the Chinese authorities are using the lockdown situation to harass the growing church. Ian gives us more details.

a letter written to Maryam

Just think for a moment how encouraging it would be for a persecuted Christian to receive a letter saying “I am standing with you in prayer” – read about Maryam in this blogpost from Ian.

God’s Lockdown – 11 When it comes to lock down, one place you certainly do not want to be is in a North Korean prison camp. Yet North Korean Christians have a very different outlook on discipleship. It is estimated that there are between 50-70,000 Christians in prison camps in North Korea. If you […]

Its not about the house! its about how you feel in your heart, about what God is doing for you.’

Myriam spoke of her faith in Jesus in her powerful testimony video. She prayed that she would be reunited with her her best friend Sandra.