SPOILER: The Lamb Wins – If that’s not what you remember from reading Revelation, you probably ought to read it again!

Still on the New Testament letters, this video is about the literary context – how people of that time wrote their letters.

Most of the books in the New Testament are letters. This week’s video gives us the historical context in which they were written. These videos are produced by a group called BibleProject; their website is at https://bibleproject.com/ with lots more information. Digging deeper Another part of the historical context is […]

Within the four books called the Gospels, most of Jesus’ teaching is in the form of stories called Parables. This video gives suggestions on how to read them.

This week we move on to the New Testament. and we look at THE GOSPEL (and, no, that shouldn’t have said Gospels!)

This week our Bible Reading series looks at the books of Solomon – Proverbs, Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes.

The Law – the introduction to this video describes the common experience of trying to read through the Bible from the beginning, and then getting stuck only a couple of books in by the whole mass of strange laws. This video explains the different types of laws and why they […]

This is a quick introduction to what the prophets are about, and how to interpret the, sometimes strange, language and imagery.

Part 3 on Biblical Poetry – this time about the book of Psalms. The ‘digging deeper’ section includes a link to an example from Allen Browne on how to read Psalm 3.

Continuing the “how to read the Bible series” with a second video about Poetry. This time talking about Metaphor. The Bible really is a complete unit despite its many authors.