We have now reached the ninth video on how to read the Bible, almost half way through the series – but there is plenty more good stuff to come! Today is the first in a group of three videos on reading Poetry.. After Narrative (stories), which we have already looked […]

This week we are looking at “Design Patterns” – how there are common themes running through many Bible stories. Seeing these patterns helps us both to understand more about a particular story, and also to grasp more of the bigger picture, the Big Story of the Bible.

More about Stories. This week the video looks at WHERE the stories happen and includes a Digging Deeper section linking to biblical maps and historical charts.

This week we are continuing the theme or reading STORIES in the bible by talking about CHARACTER – the people in the stories and what we should learn from them.

This week’s video is the first of a group of videos within this “How to read the Bible” series.
It is looking at the most common type of writing in the Bible – STORIES.

Looking at why the bible narrative is different from the way modern western authors present their work – and what to do about it!

a library to indicate different literary styles

This video shows us the different writing styles in the Bible and explains why they are used and what is the point of them.

This second video in the series gives an overview of the whole story of the Bible. If we just read a few verses from different parts of the Bible without seeing the big picture, then it becomes much harder to make any sense of what we read, and this is […]

Everyone will find something new and useful in this series of short videos by “The Bible Project” that Matt found to help us read the bible. Jeremy will be introducing them each week, and giving further suggestions for study – here is the first one which covers the bible as a whole.