This Sunday Matt speaks on Sanctification. Also checkout the Family Connect resources to help you to help your children engage with the service.

Family Connect 19th July is a page of resources for you to help your kids with online church. Please feedback any encouragements or suggestions you have in using any of the ideas with your children. When Jesus Prayed for Us (1)Safety and Unity Worship:

Welcome: NEW: Check out our “Family Connect” resources page. It includes activities to help your Children to connect during the service and suggestions and activities you can use afterwards to help in their understanding. Please share with us if you have any encouragements or other feedback as you use these […]

Today Matt presents more challenges from Paul; in lockdown and yet still preaching the gospel. The challenge is huge but Matt said he was “not even sorry” to be presenting it. Listen, be challenged, and respond.

Matt continues with the Lessons in Lockdown series by looking again at Paul Under Arrest and, using passages from Paul’s letters, talking about prayer.