This weekend is the weekend lots of us would have been going camping at the Staffordshire showground for “Devoted”. With the Covid pandemic the showground event has been cancelled but DEVOTED ONLINE is happening this weekend and so we can all get involved.

Devoted” is all about Being Friends & Enjoying God together.

Let’s do that!

The line up is below. The main Sunday meetings are listed first but there are other things from the Friday evening onwards, including things for families so make sure you check right to the end of the list.

NOTE the time changes from our usual Sunday schedule

Main Meeting –
Sunday 10am

you should be able to watch it anytime after then too 🙂

Ark Church Halifax
ZOOM Coffee and Chat

Sunday 12 noon

We will join all together and then split into breakout rooms. You will be able to go in and out of rooms to get opportunity to talk with everyone.

See you there!

A film from Kaleidoscope
Sunday 11.45 am

“Dancing in the rain”: This is the film that Sharon Cameron was involved in recording so don’t forget to watch 🙂

An Update from Africa
Sunday 12.30pm

Devoted 2021

Hopefully next year we will be able to meet at the showground again. Checkout this video to get a taste of what DEVOTED 2021 will be like!

Workshops from Kaleidoscope

(You will need to register ahead of time to do these workshops)

Photography workshop – Friday 28th at 7pm
Are you a keen photographer wanting to develop your skills? Do you have a DSLR which you would like to use more effectively? Join us on a beginner’s class in photography, focussing on ‘ways of seeing’. We will look at a few different ways to think about composition.  Book in for free today! Book Now

Found Sounds – Saturday 29th at 10 – 11am
You don’t need to play an instrument to make music when the world around us is full of interesting sounds. Join in with this sound collecting music-making workshop, all you need is a phone! This event is open to all but if you are under 16 please be accompanied by an adult. Book in for free today! Book Now

Skit Creation Workshop – Saturday 29th at 2-3pm
This family fun event encourages you to write a short skit, no more than 5 mins which will then be performed by another family who will film themselves performing your idea or script. When you sign up for this event you will be sent an email with ideas about how to write a short skit.  Book in for free today! Book Now

Ark Devoted (from Ark Church Huddersfield)

If we had been camping we would have been sharing a site with Ark Church, Huddersfield. They have invited families to join with them in various online events over the weekend.

Check out full details at Ark Devoted 2020 but I have included a summary below. Lots of things not to be missed!

They are using Google Meeting Rooms for their gathering.
Join online at 8×

  • Bedtime stories, (Saturday 6pm)
  • Morning tea and toast, (Sunday 6.30 am)
  • A sunday afternoon Praise Party (Sunday 3pm)

They also have the following activities and competitions to get involved in before the day:

  • a strawberry laces challenge,
  • Festival headwear
  • A praise Poster
  • Den making,
  • A download to make festival bunting
  • A download for a “Devoted” wristband
  • Bible treasure hunt. (3 separate rounds)