Today there are churches meeting together again, albeit with certain restrictions, at least some are able to meet and see each other and restore that human need to be together which is not truly satisfied by our alternative zoom meetings.

What would we do if the government not only shut down our church but sent the local council in to bulldoze it down too?

Lock down for us looks a bit like that. When will we meet together again as we don’t have our own building?

Let’s take encouragement from this video from the persecuted church in Wuhan china

One of the things that struck me on this video was that the church responded  to covid 19 and all the government restrictions

The pastor said… ‘I have had to get a new vision of learning to be church instead of de-church.’ 

Prayer! Action! Power!

They set up a church on line . . . 24/7 prayer groups . . . hourly prayer groups . . . more than three groups that met daily for 3 hours of prayer, worship and sharing.

The church now met more than ever they did before covid-19, and guess what . . .
the church is growing faster than ever before!

The closing prayer points for us to pray are also very helpful.
Let us be encouraged today to bow the knee in prayer with this suffering, but rejoicing church, and see God move in our lockdown.