These resources are for you to help your kids engage with online church.
We are including a variety of ideas but we suggest you look at the blue boxes that say “AIM” and consider which is the best way to help your child(ren) make progress.
Please feedback any encouragements or suggestions you have to help us improve these resources.

In Advance:

To talk about:
In preparation for this weeks teaching you could begin to talk about “light” to your children. Make an issue about turning on the light – ie doing something to make the light shine. This will make it easier to explain to them the message that Ian is sharing with us this week.

Hide the light:
Hide a torch that is turned on. Darken the room to show how the light from the torch can still be visible. Later you can use this to explain how, when we shine for Jesus our light will be seen and lead people to Him.


AIM: to encourage children to listen

Memory Verse:

AIM: encourage your children to memorise bible verses

When the verse is coloured in, the sheet could be decorated with fairy lights around the edge.


For Discussion:

AIM: to help them find a practical response they can make in relation to today’s teaching. Try and have multiple conversations around these issues so that they begin to remember and think about these things themselves.

Q1 In what ways can we make our light shine for Jesus?

Q2 What can you do this week to make your light shine brighter?

Q3. Go back and discuss last weeks message about persevering and being proactive. How do these things make our light shine brighter?

Q4. What can you do this week to continue to persevere and be proactive?

Suggestion: It would be good to make sure that you also discuss God’s grace. We do not want to leave anyone with the idea that doing things to make our light shine brighter makes us more acceptable to God.

Family prayer suggestions:

When you have each decided what you are going to do this week to make your light shine brighter, pray for help in doing what you have decided.

Other Activities:

Seeing Jesus

Parable of the net

AIM: To illustrate the sorting of good and bad in the parable of the net. Your child could be encouraged to colour each type of fish in a different colour.

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