Bible Knowledge:

The life of David:

Todays passage is about David. We suggest you talk with your child about other stories they may know from the life of David. They can draw pictures of the different stories they know.


Memory verse:


For Discussion:

Q1. When David realised how awesome God was, what did he do?

Q2. What are the things about God that make you want to Worship? Why?

Q3. Jeff said part of worship is in how we choose to use our bodies – What ways could you Worship God?

Q4. In the story David tried to do things his own way. (the Bible calls this sin) When it went wrong he tried again, doing it Gods way this time.
Have you done things your way instead of God’s way?
Have you asked God for forgiveness and tried again doing it His way instead?

Family prayer suggestions:

When you pray spend some time telling God how great he is, and why.
Ask him for help to make choices to worship him this week.

Other Activities:

Bedtime Reading:

Read the story in 2 Samuel again together this week

Instruments for Worship:

Make An instrument:

Make an instrument for worship by decorating a bottle and filling with a few small pebbles.
You could also use some ribbons for streamers – attaching them to small rings is safer for younger children than using sticks.