These resources are for you to help your kids engage with online church.
We are including a variety of ideas but we suggest you look at the blue boxes that say “AIM” and consider which is the best way to help your child(ren) make progress.
Please feedback any encouragements or suggestions you have to help us improve these resources.

In Advance:

Introduce a new word:

This week Matt is preaching on “Sanctification”. This is a word your children are unlikely to know so it would be a good idea to talk with them about it before hand.

  • SAYING IT: For young children you can have fun just getting them to SAY the word. Keep referring to it throughout the day so they learn to recognise the word (and maybe even say it themselves).

  • USING IT: If your child is able, you could explain the meaning. Try something simple like
    “to free from sin” or “to purify”.
    I know it is not a word we use everyday but if you can find ways to get it into conversation over the next couple of days it will cement the word in your child’s mind. As they grow older they will understand it more and that will help the development of their relationship with God. You will need to get creative to come up with ideas.

Suggestion: checkout the blogpost on “sharing stories” today – trying to fit the word Sanctification into your chatting the next few days is sure to bring up some ideas/stories you could share 🙂

Try a puzzle:

For older children get them to write down all the words they can make with the letters in SANCTIFICATION.

If you have letters from a scrabble game, or similar, it may help. Alternatively write the letters on pieces of paper, or download and print this file which includes some words to help younger children.


It would be helpful this week to have lego or alternative building blocks available for your children to use during the service.

AIM: To encourage everyone else by showing that children are engaging in our online church and learning alongside us what is being taught.

Did your child build a prison?
Please upload a photo of it to the Facebook or WhatsApp group for everyone to see.


AIM: To encourage Children to engage in worship. You could use this before the service begins and then through the coming week.

During the Preach:

If you have a printer you can download the sheet, it is A5 size, and print it out. Otherwise just draw something similar on a piece of paper.

AIM: to encourage children to listen

For Discussion:

Q. What is Sanctification?

Q. Does sanctification mean we become acceptable to God?

Part of sanctification is making the right choices.

Q. What can you choose to do that will make you more like Jesus.

Q. What can you choose NOT to do that will make you more like Jesus.

Suggestion: You could pray that God will help you make the right choices so that you become more like Jesus.

Other Activities:

Set the prisoner free:

AIM: to help your child understand that sanctification sets us free to become more like Jesus

Submitted Photos:

By Jeremiah
By Jeremiah
By Nevaeh