Bible Knowledge


Memory verse:


For Discussion:

Q1. Matt talked about admonishing/warning being like waking people up so that they see the danger of forgetting to be like Jesus. Can you think of ways you can do this?

Q2. Sometime when things are hard we need encouragement, but sometimes we need help. How can we tell the difference?

Q3. Can you think of times you can give people encouragement and times when you can give help?

Q3. Matt said if we get to know people better it is easier to tell if they need admonishing, need encouraging or need helping. Can you think of ways your family can get to know someone in the church better?

Family prayer suggestions:

Pray for stronger friendships and hep to decide when someone needs Admonishing, Encouraging or helping.
Decide who in the church you want to get to know better and how you are going to do that. Then pray for them.

Other Activities:

What would you say?