These resources are for you to help your kids engage with online church.
We are including a variety of ideas but we suggest you look at the blue boxes that say “AIM” and consider which is the best way to help your child(ren) make progress.
Please feedback any encouragements or suggestions you have to help us improve these resources.

In Advance:

Introduce a new word:

AIM: to familiarise the children with the word ETERNITY so that they recognise it, and begin to understand it, when they hear it during the service.

There are 2 different work sheets today to introduce the word ETERNITY. Choose whichever is most appropriate for your child.
These could be done before the service so that you can talk to your child(ren) about what the word means.

Thread some beads:

AIM: to use a circle to help the children understand the word eternity.

Use pasta tubes or beads to thread on some string. You could join it up into a circle and use it to help explain what ETERNITY means.


AIM: to encourage listening


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For Discussion:

AIM: to help your child understand what was taught today and find practical steps to act on that teaching.

Q. What does joy mean?

Q. What were the 3 ways that Matt said we can know joy?

Q. Can you think of any of Jesus commands?
Can you think of one way you could try to keep one this week?

Q. What do you think being in relationship with God is?
What do you think it looks like?

Q. What do you think loving one another means?
Can you think of one way you can show love to someone this week?

Q. What does eternity mean?

Matt said:
When we find things hard it helps to remember what God says about joy and eternity.

Q. How are you going to make sure you remember these things when you have a hard day?

Family prayer suggestions:

  • Pray for each other that you would know the joy of God’s love this week. Choose a friend who could pray this for too
  • Ask God to show you how he loves you?
    Maybe you could draw a picture or write about what he says to you
  • Ask God to help you show love to other people this week

Other Activities:

Identifying JOY:

Using the same bead necklace pictures as above help you child write something on each bead that brings them joy.

Today’s Gallery:

Please send in your Children’s contributions and then encourage them by showing them we have posted their pictures.

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