I have had so many attempts at writing this, but here goes, some thoughts.

Intimacy with God

God seems to be calling us into intimacy with him, to set time aside to be in his presence. It’s amazing to think that the creator of the universe wants to spend time with each of us.

I have struggled to grasp this concept, it has been a long journey to find my heavenly Father, not just God (I don’t mean ‘just’ in a  lesser sense, I mean that if I only see him as God he can seem distant). I have persevered and pressed in and I am getting there.

For example, (this is where you close your eyes and use your imagination) I woke up the other day with swirling thoughts of  ‘got to make cookies for Joel and Laura… does Laura like dark chocolate… don’t know, can’t ask as it is for a surprise…got to write questions for the family quiz this evening… got to make cookies for that too… 

Sitting with my coffee, I began to talk to my heavenly father.
I breathed and spoke in tongues. I asked
“shouldn’t I be thinking about building the kingdom, about the great commission rather than thinking about my own stuff?
Am I being self-obsessed?
I can’t do this anymore God.”

Then I remembered the Father’s words to Jesus at his baptism,

“you are my son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

Mark 1:11

He said the same words to him at the transfiguration. These words are full of emotion.

In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus cried out to his father to ask if the cup of suffering can be taken away. This again was an expression of real honest emotions.

As I thought about this, I heard the birds singing outside and found myself smiling. Yes, I had to push through and press in.

Time in His Company

At the moment I am reading a book called ‘The Pleasure of his Company’ by Dutch Sheets.  In it, he talks about how God takes pleasure in spending time with us and we with him. He talks about how God pursues us.

When Jesus visits Martha and Mary, Mary sits at Jesus’ feet listening to him. Martha is busy preparing for her guest. She complains to Jesus that Mary is not helping her, but Jesus says that Mary has chosen rightly. It isn’t wrong to do other things, but when they take the place that Jesus should have, that is a different matter.

Jesus said, ‘seek first the kingdom of God’. He wants to be our priority.

Also, as we spend time in his presence, we learn to hear his voice.

…. his sheep follow him because they know his voice. 

John 10:4

Perhaps it is helpful that in lockdown a lot of the things that would normally distract us are not there. What a great opportunity therefore to draw closer to our heavenly Father, to Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

My aim is to go deeper and be closer to him. I wish this for all of us.