This is the third of three videos on reading Poetry in the Bible.

The first two are in our archives if you missed them.
(Poetry part 1, Poetry part 2)

This time the focus is on the PSALMS.

You probably expected this teaching on Biblical poetry to start with looking at Psalms, but then we may have been left thinking that Psalms was all there was. I think the authors wanted to show us that there is lots more of the Bible in poetic form.

These “how to read the Bible” videos are produced by a group called BibleProject; their website is at with lots more information.

Digging deeper

Looking for more help on reading the Psalms I found this example of working through Psalm 3 by Allen Browne.

I really got to know about this guy from his writing about IT (Information technology) while I was in Mongolia and working a lot with Microsoft Access databases. Allen Browne was often the one to dig deeper and explain a problem that I was stuck on.
I was really pleased to find that his writing about Christianity is just as helpful.

This is an extract – but do go on and read the full article. It is well worth it!

extract from Allen Browne’s post . . .

How do you read Psalms?

  • We love the first one: a fruitful tree by the stream.
  • Psalm 2 is more confronting, but we like to read about God’s anointed Son.
  • Then Psalm 3 is about facing enemies. What do you do with that?

If you don’t have enemies, perhaps you skip it and try to find something more joyful?

Or perhaps there is someone who’s making your life difficult, so you read on … until you reach verse 7.

Are you really supposed to pray,

“God smack them in the face and smash their teeth in?”

Psalm 3:7

You can read the full article on Allen Browne’s blog.