The Law – the introduction to this video describes the common experience of trying to read through the Bible from the beginning, and then getting stuck only a couple of books in by the whole mass of strange laws.

This video explains the different types of laws and why they are there (and its not about how to make God pleased with you!)

These videos are produced by a group called BibleProject; their website is at with lots more information

Digging deeper

The laws are to teach us about God’s character and what is important to him. But how can we live up to that?

Only by the grace of God!

Here’s a couple of video links about grace by Terry Virgo – the founder of the Newfrontiers family of churches that the Ark Church Halifax is a part of.

The first one is a short one that you can probably listen to right now.

This next one is nearly an hour long – you may need to plan some time to watch it – but its worth it!