Within the four books called the Gospels, most of Jesus’ teaching is in the form of stories called Parables.

This video gives suggestions on how to read them.

Digging deeper

I have just discovered that the videos we have been watching are condensed, animated, versions of a series of podcasts by the same people.

Here’s a link to the series of seven podcasts on the parables – https://bibleproject.com/podcast/series/parables-podcast-series/ .

You don’t have to commit to eight or more hours of listening in one go – I’ve just listened to the first one and that was worth it.

OR, if you prefer to read, there is a summary of each podcast on the web page along with the audio link.

Enjoy listening!

These videos are produced by a group called BibleProject; their website is at https://bibleproject.com/ with lots more information