What does Apocalypse mean? (Probably not what you think – it DOESN’T mean the end of the world!)

The final video in the Bible Project’s series “How to Read the Bible” is about Apocalyptic Literature. The main example of this type of literature is the book of Revelation, but it is also used in other parts of the Bible.

These videos are produced by a group called BibleProject; their website is at https://bibleproject.com/ with lots more information

Digging Deeper

“The Revelation feels like the end of the world, but it’s actually about the beginning of the renewed world where heaven and earth are reunited”

This a great quote from the video.

It is a sound principle of understanding the Bible that we interpret difficult passages by applying what we have learned from parts that are simpler to understand.

Part of this video shows an example of applying this principle to the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation is very hard to understand and BEGINNING with difficult passages in Revelation quickly leads to some very wacky ideas – you can find plenty all over the Internet.

Sound Bible teachers have found many approaches to the details in this Bible book – this video takes one of them – and we’ll probably never really understand it in this life.

I would suggest that you focus on the key theme – as in the quote above – and let the details work themselves out.

I have a book on Revelation with a title that is a right spoiler.
It is called “And the Lamb Wins”.
If that’s not what you remember from reading Revelation, you probably ought to read it again!

If you want to read more, then one really good book on the subject is “The End Times” by John Hosier, who is a very respected Newfrontiers preacher and teacher. I have a copy if anyone would like to borrow it.