Joining a ZOOM meeting for the first time


This is really easy! However if you would rather have instructions on paper so you can follow them while looking at your phone then let Julie S know your address and she will pop them through your door.

The easiest way to begin is to click on a meeting link. On a Computer it will then automatically download the APP. On a phone you will need to click the appropriate install buttons.

Once installed it is easiest to go back to the original meeting link and click again. You will be asked for a name – it would help for our meeting if you give your real one 🙂

Click OK. If you are on a computer it may say “join meeting” instead.

You will now need to work through a couple of screens of permissions. They may vary slightly depending on your device.

At this point you will see the main meeting screen but you still need to add in audio (so people can hear you) and video (so people can see you). Click the appropriate buttons. Depending on your device you may be asked for further permissions.


  • It is helpful if everyone keeps their login muted unless they want to speak.
  • Take a look at the lighting in your room and try and make sure light is directed at your face and not into your device camera. A lamp, positioned BEHIND your device and pointing in your direction, is ideal. This can make a big difference to everyone seeing you clearly.

Please connect in early so that you can experiment with the settings before we begin the meeting.

Still not sure? If you have not used ZOOM before and would like a trial run BEFORE your first meeting please message Julie S and arrange a time to try it out.