Sunday Gatherings

I just wanted to give you another update as to what’s happening with our Sunday gatherings over the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone who filled in the questionnaire – it was so helpful to hear your thoughts. It goes without saying that I cannot wait for the day we can meet together to worship and have fellowship, unrestricted and free! And, after the PMs announcement yesterday, it looks like meeting together in the way we want is going to have to wait a bit longer. 

One of the options we considered over and over was to meet under current restrictions in the Ex-Servicemen’s Club in Siddal. After careful consideration of what that would look like and the practical implications of meeting under current restrictions, and, with your feedback firmly in the mix – it became more and more clear that meeting that way would not achieve what we want to achieve when we gather as a church family. Fellowship and worship are at the heart of who we are. Under current restrictions, people aren’t supposed to mix and interact indoors at church gatherings, there is no singing and folk would have to book in to come or scan a barcode on entry – the meeting itself would be a faint shadow of what we are all about. 

We’re really excited about the prospect of meeting together in our new venue going forward and we want that to be a great time together, all being well, we can go for that on the 25th July – unrestricted! No masks and plenty of singing – but we’ll have to wait a little longer. 

But what about the meantime? Well, if we focus on those two aims, fellowship and worship, together with the success of the picnics we’ve had recently – we are proposing informal Sunday meetings in the park throughout July. That way we can have fellowship together as well as enjoy an informal time of worship – with singing! Obviously, if the weather is against us, we will default back to Zoom but we’re going to give this a go. 

Starting on Sunday 27th June gathering at 12 noon at the bottom of Manor Heath Park we will have a time of prayer and worship together with a short bible study then we’ll enjoy a picnic and time of fellowship.

It would be so great to see you there!


Over the next couple of months, we’re going to be meeting again weekly in our Life Groups on Wednesday evenings. We found the Ark Life meetings to be really productive times and we may well have some more Ark Life meetings later in the year when we can meet in person in a larger context – if you aren’t in a Life Group then please get in touch so we can help you.