Last week’s Challenge:

Last weeks message was “Encourage on-another” so a verse here to encourage you in these very practical messages from Matt.

Jesus replied, “But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice.”

Luke 11:28

Sharing your stories – successes and failures – is a good way to encourage one another.

The message this week was “Show hospitality to one-another”

Suggested questions for discussion:

Q1. Do you value it when someone is hospitable towards you? What is it exactly that you value? How does it make you feel? Share some examples.

Q2. Matt said they enjoyed being hospitable and having people to their house. Is it something YOU enjoy or do you find it difficult? Are there things that hold you back?

Q3. Showing hospitality in our homes is not possible right now – what other ways can we show hospitality? Consider how we can be hospitable OUTSIDE the home but also how we can be hospitable ONLINE. Get creative and specific.

Challenge for the week:

Who in the church family can you be hospitable towards this week? How will you do it? Where is your heart? Are you ready and raring to go?

Pray together that each of us will take up the challenges of these one-anothering messages. That we will encourage one-another, be hospitable towards one-another and be ready and eager to learn and grow together as a church.