The last 2 weeks Matt has spoken on

For Discussion:

Q1. “Tell who you know, what you know and invite them on a journey”. Share together some examples of when you have seen amazing results from simple sharing.

Q2. Matt talked about the ‘cost’ involved in making disciples

  • Soldier – not being distracted and not seeking to please others
  • Athlete – perseverance and energy
  • Farmer – initiative and time

Discuss what of these you find difficult and how you can overcome and push through to be more active in seeking to make disciples.

Q3. Living in the wood and clay space:

  • trapped and entangled
  • Guilt and shame
  • ‘a not so great’ ambassador

Do we tend to live in this space? What do we personally need to flee from?

Q4. Living in the gold and silver space:
How are you going to pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace and community? Be specific – and then pray God will help each of you put this into practice.