This week we began a new series – “Keep the faith” looking at the 2nd letter from Paul to Timothy.

Matt shared, in this blog post, 2 ways we can prepare ourselves to get more out of the series.


S1. Read 2 Timothy together

S2. Watch together the short video that is linked to in Matts Blog post

For Discussion:

Q1. Did you think the image of the embers being drawn together was a helpful one? Why?

Q2. Do you feel “chained up” by the current situation? Do you feel it is stopping your effectiveness in sharing the Gospel? God’s word is NOT in chains, so what actions can we take to be consistent with that belief?

Q3. What can we do online to help our “huddling together”?

Praying together:

Let’s pray that, by God’s grace, we would know that joy we get from being present to one another – even if we aren’t quite!