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Welcome to the prayer course.

Session 2

In this session we’ll explore how we can enjoy God’s presence in praise and worship.

We suggest you watch the video BEFORE your group meeting so you can use the time you are meeting to discuss it and pray together.

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name”

Luke 11:1

Bible passages

Acts 4:24-31

Summary points

  • Start by recognising God is God.
  • Worship puts things back into perspective.
  • Use P.R.A.Y – Pause, Rejoice, Ask, Yield.


Q. What did you find most helpful or most challenging in the video?

Q. Why do you think that we most often associate prayer with asking, rather than worship and adoration?

In commanding us to glorify him, God is inviting us to enjoy him


Q. Do you enjoy spending time with God? When are the times that prayer feels most enjoyable?

Q. Pete says that prayer is primarily about relationship with God: “It’s relational, not transactional”. How does this change your perspective of coming to God in prayer?

Q. In the Acts passage, the early church put their own crisis into perspective by worshipping. What are the practical things you could do this week to foster an attitude of worship in your daily routine?


Pause and Rejoice:

Practise thanksgiving and praise by reflecting on Psalm 8.

Asking and Yielding:

If you have time, continue in praying for each other.

More Resources

you can find more resources to help you, including the following, on the dedicated course website.

  • How to pray the Psalms
  • How to practise Christian meditation
  • How to pray Creatively
  • How to practise the Presence of God