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Welcome to the prayer course

Session 5

In this session, we’ll discover how spending time with God in silence can enrich our relationship with Him.

We suggest you watch the video BEFORE your group meeting so you can use the time you are meeting to discuss it and pray together.

“On earth as it is in heaven”

Matthew 6

Bible passages:

Psalm 19,
Psalm 62,
Psalm 46,
1 Thessalonians 5,
Matthew 6:6,
Isaiah 6,
Psalm 1 

Summary points:

  • Contemplative prayer is silent enjoyment of God’s loving presence. 
  • The contemplation journey has 3 stages: 
  • Meditation: “Me and God”
  • Contemplation: “God and me” 
  • Communion: “only God”


Q. What did you find most helpful or most challenging in the video? 

Q. What is your initial reaction to the practice of contemplation? Does it excite you, scare you or bore you? 

“It’s not how much we do but how much love we put into the actions that we do.” 

Mother Teresa

Q. How does this quote challenge our culture’s attitude to social justice or practical action? 

Q. It can be difficult to make time to pause and contemplate God. What rhythms could you put in place to grow this type of prayer in your life? 

Time to pray:

“We are seeking to focus our minds fully on Jesus”. 

It is appropriate to take time to all be silent with God rather than praying together.

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