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Welcome to the prayer course

Session 4

In this session, we’ll explore the power and importance of praying on behalf of others. 

We suggest you watch the video BEFORE your group meeting so you can use the time you are meeting to discuss it and pray together.

Your kingdom come

Matthew 6:10 

Bible passages:

2 Chronicles 7:13-14,
Exodus 17:8-13,
Genesis 18:22-33 

Summary points: 

  • When God’s people intercede, God intervenes.
  • There is power in our free will. 
  • 4 steps of intercession: get informed, get inspired, get indignant, get in synch.


Q. What did you find most helpful or most challenging in the video? 

Q. How do you feel about intercessory prayer – do you find it’s something that comes naturally or is it more of a challenge? 

“Our free wills are powerful; they can release or restrict the purposes of God.” 

Q. How does this affect the way that we come to God in intercessory prayer? 

Q. Have you ever had a feeling that you needed to pray for something or someone? What happened? 

“Prayer isn’t about trying to get God to say amen to what I want; prayer is about me saying amen to God’s will for my life” 

Q. What would it look like for you to pray this week with this perspective? 

Time to Pray:

Get inspired:  What is God saying about this? Invite the Holy Spirit to speak into the situations you’re interceding for. 

Get indignant:  Engage your own heart and allow yourself to think and feel honestly as you pray. 

Get in synch:  Engage together. You might like to all pray out loud at once

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