Why Pray

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Session 1

We suggest you watch the video BEFORE your group meeting so you can use the time you are meeting to discuss it and pray together.

“Lord, teach us to pray”

Luke 11:1

Bible passages

Luke 11:1-4
Matthew 6:6-8
Romans 8:26-28

Summary points

  • We can ask Jesus to help teach us to pray
  • Prayer is like a toolbox – there are lots of different ways of praying
  • Keep it simple. Keep it Real. Keep it up.


Q. What did you find most helpful or most challenging in the video? 
Q. What do you find difficult about prayer? What do you find easy? Why do you think prayer can often feel hard? 

Pete says the best piece of advice is to “Keep it simple, keep it real and keep it up.” 

Keep it simple: “your prayer life is at its best at its simplest” 
Q. What do you mostly talk to God about? 

Keep it real: “Don’t role-play before God” 
Q. Do you feel like you have to act a certain way before God when you pray? Why or why not? 

Keep it up: “Don’t give up praying too soon” 
Q. Do you find it challenging to persevere in prayer? How can we be encouraged to keep going? 

More Resources

you can find more resources to help you on the dedicated course website.