Spiritual Warfare

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Welcome to the prayer course

Session 6

In this session, we’ll look closely at the ways we can pray God’s kingdom come in the midst of a spiritual battle.

We suggest you watch the video BEFORE your group meeting so you can use the time you are meeting to discuss it and pray together.

“Deliver us from evil”

Matthew 6

Bible passages: 

Ephesians 6:11-14 

Summary points: 

  • The Bible is clear that we’re in a spiritual battle. 
  • Jesus was speaking into a culture of different world-views.
  • Remember the armour of God. 
  • Pray it. Practice it. Preach it.


Q. What did you find most helpful or most challenging in the video? 

Q. How do you find that you approach spiritual warfare: do you relate to any of the world-views of the Sadducees, Essenes or Pharisees that Pete mentioned?

Q. How do we get the balance right between the reality of spiritual warfare and focusing on Jesus? 

“When we pray for God’s Kingdom come it’s because it’s not automatic… we have to pray it in.” 

Q. How does this reality affect the way that we do spiritual warfare? 

Q. What are the strongholds – greed, arrogance etc – in your home, work or community context? How can you live in the “equal but opposite spirit” this week?

Time to pray:

Encourage each other by sharing one thing that you have learnt and will take away from The Prayer Course into your daily life. 

Toolshed Resources:

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