On my laptop I have many amazing videos about faith under fire, one of which is about children praying for a school friend to be healed. As much as I searched for this video on tube I could not find it, then into my inbox came this prayer letter from Sat 7, a radio station that beams the gospel into the Middle East. 

Challenged by the situation in Beirut a child said this;

I want to pray and never stop. Jesus, be with the Lebanese, give them strength and encourage them,” 

Sat 7 has a radio station in Beirut and it moved its studio onto the roof and broadcast to the Nation in distress, the following video records that event.

I hope that this portion of the Sat 7 prayer letter will inspire us to pray in our lockdown, to shine for Jesus as he commands us to do, and to pray with a heart of compassion for God’s lockdown in other parts of the world at this time

Two days after the explosion that devastated central Beirut, songs of faith rang out and prayers were said under a night sky overlooking the shattered city. Survivors gave testimony, pastors offered counsel and worship leaders lifted viewers’ hearts to God in a unique evening episode of SAT-7’s From Heart to Heart show.

The programme – aired from a rooftop balcony at SAT-7’s Beirut studio – was one of several live broadcasts designed to comfort a nation in shock.

Popular SAT-7 presenters and singers Rawad and Marianne Daou were joined by the B-Sharp Band, church leaders Revd Kabi Al-Awad and Hany Touq, and lay Christian Alan Khalil.

Khalil shared how an atheist friend who survived the explosion at the port gave God thanks when he found that his family were all safe.

 “No science or reasons could have saved my family except Jesus Christ,” his friend told him.

Public anger against Lebanon’s politicians, already red-hot over mushrooming poverty, turned to demands for executions when neglect emerged as the likely cause of the explosion. But revenge is not the answer, Khalil said. He spoke as someone who had been driven to hatred and drugs after the brutal murder of his mother. 

[Against] all of the evil that exists, Jesus’ goodness is greater,” he affirmed.

Reena, a young member of the B-Sharp Band, told viewers how God had spoken to her as she called out to him:

 “There is no one who brings peace and hope but Jesus. Life can be extinguished in any moment, but there is eternal life with God. To all listening, let’s stop and pray together and for each other, and be positive together. God intervenes.


One of the regular SAT-7 KIDS shows filmed in the Beirut studios is the popular Bible Heroes programme. SAT-7 contacted all the children who regularly take part in the series to check that they were safe. On Thursday (6 August) afternoon, the show’s presenters, Karen and Ellie, who both live in the city, shared their experiences of the explosion and invited viewers to join them in praying. The response was overwhelming.

I want to pray and never stop. Jesus, be with the Lebanese, give them strength and encourage them,

a young boy.

God, protect Lebanon and heal the injured,

a young girl.

God please protect your kids, heal all injured, stay with tired people and bless them.

A girl from Egypt

SAT-7 KIDS Channel Manager, Andrea El-Mounayer, immediately began to explore how the ministry can help children over the longer term.  She contacted child psychologists, other experts, and local children’s centres to find out the best ways to support those affected by this disaster. One outcome will be “The Story of This Summer”, she explained. The channel will invite children across the MENA to send in creative work, such as videos, songs, dances, and pictures, as a safe outlet for their experiences and an opportunity to participate and pray together.

With awareness growing of an estimated 300,000 made homeless, Marianne asked Al-Awad how Christians could be the salt of the earth amidst such destruction. Revd Al-Awad pointed to messages of prayer and support being sent from people all over the world.

he said.

There is fear, but the church has light and peace. This is not the time for us to argue with one another: it’s the time for the church to fulfil its role and be a light. There is only one who can save Lebanon and that is Jesus. The time has come for us to be light. We must be humble. The secret to life is Jesus…

NOTE: This is an extract from the Sat-7 newsletter. The full version of the newsletter can be found on their website.