God’s Lockdown – 11

When it comes to lock down, one place you certainly do not want to be is in a North Korean prison camp. Yet North Korean Christians have a very different outlook on discipleship.

It is estimated that there are between 50-70,000 Christians in prison camps in North Korea. If you are found to believe in Jesus you could be put in prison, if you have a bible, you can be put in prison, not only you but your parents and your children. In spite of these dangers, North Koreans are coming to know Jesus as their Saviour. 

North Korean Christians say that the day you decide to follow Jesus you must make up your mind that Jesus is worth dying for today! maybe tomorrow you will die for Jesus. North Korean Christians have to have a spirit of martyrdom upon them in order to live for Jesus day by day.

WARNING – Todays video is not easy to watch, 
it’s NOT for children to watch.

It is made up of pictures drawn by ex prisoners to illustrate life inside the camp. You may be tempted to ask, ‘Where is God in all this?’ North Koreans say that If God was not with them no Christian could survive in a North Korean prison camp.

Julie and I have watched this video many times of the past 10 years as we have shared the plight of the North Korean Church, it moves me to tears every time and it reminds me why we have a burden to pray for the persecuted.