Sunday Worship

Lock-down continues

Like many others, we were hoping for an end to lock-down on 21st June, but we will continue to focus on the two aims of fellowship and worship.

Sunday Mornings:

Building on the success of the picnics we’ve had recently, we are planning informal Sunday meetings in the park throughout July. That way we can have fellowship together as well as enjoy an informal time of worship – with singing! Obviously, if the weather is against us, we will default back to Zoom but we’re going to give this a go. 

Starting on Sunday 27th June we will be gathering at 12 noon at the bottom of Manor Heath Park.
We will have a time of prayer and worship together, along with a short bible study, and then we’ll enjoy a picnic and time of fellowship.

In the event of bad weather, we will communicate our intention to cancel the picnic and will instead meet using Zoom at 11am using the following link:

Note: our services are usually recorded – check out our archives,


  • It is helpful if everyone keeps their login muted unless they want to speak.
  • Please turn off your video if you need to move around – you will still be able to hear what is happening and it is much less distracting for others.
  • Take a look at the lighting in your room and try and make sure light is directed at your face and not into your device camera. A lamp, positioned BEHIND your device and pointing in your direction, is ideal. This can make a big difference to everyone seeing you clearly.