Sunday Worship

Pre-Service prayer meeting:
A group of us gather to pray for 20 minutes, on ZOOM, at 10.30am, BEFORE our morning meeting. If you want to join us you are most welcome.
Zoom link for prayer meeting

About our meeting

Meeting Format:

We understand that for some of you, especially those with children, it helps to be able to plan your morning ahead of time. To assist with this we have set out the format we are likely to follow this week.

  • Welcome and Notices
  • A message – Usually from Matt Cameron
  • A time of worship
  • Time to Chat – we will divide into breakout rooms on ZOOM so that we can chat in smaller groups. If you would like to connect up with someone in particular at this time then please drop a message to Julie Skelton, or put it in the ‘Zoom Chat’ and we will do our best to make that work for you.

Note: our services are usually recorded – check out our archives,


  • It is helpful if everyone keeps their login muted unless they want to speak.
  • Please turn off your video if you need to move around – you will still be able to hear what is happening and it is much less distracting for others.
  • Take a look at the lighting in your room and try and make sure light is directed at your face and not into your device camera. A lamp, positioned BEHIND your device and pointing in your direction, is ideal. This can make a big difference to everyone seeing you clearly.