What do we do when things get really bad?

I would like to share with you today a story about a Nigerian Christian lady called Rose, What started out as a normal day turned into a day of loss, this loss was then intensified by lockdown brought about by the coronavirus.  

You can follow more of her story on the open doors website

Rose’s faith in God keeps her resilient and hopeful: 

“Today we are amongst the living ones. It’s a miracle!” 

She meditates on Psalm 119:11: “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” She says: 

“Whenever I read this Psalm, I feel so encouraged.”

Rose is such an amazing example to us, she demonstrates how important to spend time reading and storing up God’s word in our heart so that, when lockdown experiences come, we have a storehouse of power to encourage us and take us through the most tragic of circumstances. 

How does Rose’s story speak to us as we face our own lockdown experience?

How has God’s word encouraged us in our own lockdown?

Your story could be an encouragement to others – but only if you tell it!