Thousands of people have given their life for it
The prophets were killed for it.
The apostles were killed for it.
Martyrs throughout history were killed for it.
Today people are killed for it,
and we just put it on the shelf?

The bible is the most bought, 
banned and burnt book of all time.
The persecuted church love the bible.
They know it is food for the soul.”

Brother Andrew

Brother Andrew is a Dutch Christian missionary, founder of Open Doors, and known for his exploits in smuggling bibles into communist countries at the height of the Cold War. For his activities, he earned the nickname “God’s smuggler”.

The bible we hold in our hands is the most precious document in the world. It has come to us at great cost as Brother Andrew has pointed out.

In the kingdom parables Jesus said that satan sows evil within the kingdom. It is a sad fact that the church leaders in England persecuted William Tyndale who published the first English translation of the Bible in 1535.

It cost him his life. The following video tells his story

NOTE: The translation of the Bible into different languages has progressed since this video was produced. This page from Wycliffe Bible Society’s website gives more up to date information on the current situation. They say 1 in 5 people still do NOT have a full Bible in their language.

The Persecuted Church

This story is also a reminder for us of how the persecuted church today is still one of suffering. Believers in these situations will often face death for owning and distributing the Bible. Yet, in spite of lockdown conditions they still manage to lead many to Jesus, not just a few but thousands. 

Digging Deeper

If you want to know more about Tyndales story the BBC have produced this excellent one hour programme on the three books that changed a nation, Tyndale’s bible was one of them. a truly inspiring tale.

If you want to dig deeper into the Bible yourself then our “how to read the bible” series is a great beginning. The a new video is posted each Tuesday so you can either jump in where we are, or start at the beginning of the series. There is something in each video for everyone – you won’t be disapointed.