How bad can lockdown be?

It is estimated that every 3 seconds in China somebody makes Jesus Lord of their lives. This is not a passing fad, it is a very serious decision, a decision that has grave consequences for the new disciple of Jesus.

Deciding to follow Jesus makes you an enemy of the state, as such you are seen to be unpatriotic to the Communist cause. It can mean the loss of your job, education, health care and now, even your pension rights. 

Secret video from the underground church in China

This video clip is not of the best quality visually, but the challenge spiritually is immense.

What can God do in our lockdown?

What are we prepared to sacrifice for Jesus in order to see God’s Kingdom grow in Halifax and to the ends of the earth?

How will we TODAY invest our rich resources in the Kingdom of Heaven?
We have the freedom.
We have a great opportunity.
How will we use the talent God has given us?

One day Jesus will call us to account for how we have invested what he has given us, what will we say to him?